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    The Geography room

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The geography room

The room is situated on the first floor of the Torre Marchesana and features a domed ceiling with lateral fanlights and the decoration dates back to the early 19th century.

The interior was modernised and stocked with paintings thanks to cardinal Tommaso Arezzo, papal Legate from 1816 to 1830.
The ceiling is monochrome with octagonal, square and circular panels decorated with medallions, clusters of flowers and lyre-like decorations.
The winged figure of Poesia is at the centre, crowned by laurel leaves, writing the name of Ariosto on a parchment held by a cherub thus identifying the poet as the most important representative and master of literature of Ferrara.
On the sides, alternated by fake monochrome panels, four rounded, winged figures, each of which is holding a cartouche, bear the names of some Ferrarese poets. There are also allegorical figures in four out of the twelve panels bearing lists of the names of distinguished persons dedicated to the arts and science while at the figures' feet are items to identify the characters.
The decoration is completed by a densely packed monochrome strip with animals on all four sides of the room.
The works were probably carried out by one of the first generation Ferrarese painters of the 1800's. The names suggested include Migliari, Domenichini or Saraceni, pupils of Giuseppe Santi in relation with Leopoldo Cicognara. Between 1709 and 1710, the walls were decorated by Anton Felice Ferrari (Ferrara 1667-1720) based on drawings by the cartographer and surveyor, Giuseppe Tomaso Bonfadini, whose name appears on a cartouche borne by a cherub in the lower left corner of the West wall. This scene is dedicated to the ancient River Po personified by a majestic male figure leaning against an urn from which water is flowing. Little cherubs hold scale measurements on all the maps. The paintings were covered in 1824 and were recently restored.
Two plaques commemorate the visits to the Este Castle in Ferrara by Giuseppe Garibaldi and king Vittorio Emanuele III.

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