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    The courts

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The courts

Designed to be a fortress, then temporarly converted to barracks, prison, weaponry and goods warehouse, later to be provided with stables, forges, dormitories and kitchens, throughout the Middle Ages the Castel Vecchio used to accomodate a muddled variety of people and activities.

This was the seat that, since the end of the Quattrocento, was to witness the creation of the ‘secret apartments’, that is to say the dukes’ private lodgings (each equipped with bathrooms, cloackroom, kitchens, halls of honour, and so on).
As soon as he became lord, each duke along with his spouse ordered the refurbishment of a new apartment for his own use and that of his retinue, which often entailed the total dismantling of the premises once belonged to his predecessor.
One may easily observe that every single year one more building yard appeared in the dukes and their parentage’s private rooms.
The different transformations that uncessantly took place within the Castle also account for the tentative virtual reconstruction of its interior during the Renaissance.

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