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    The chamber of Dawn

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The chamber of Dawn

The room - where the flow of time and the motion of the Universe find their celebration as was the habit in Italian patrician residences since the close of the XV century - represented the core of the "Mirror Apartment", arranged by Alfonso II and designed by the court antiquarian Pirro Ligorio (1500 ca.-1580) according to his erudite and personal iconographic fashion.

A letter written by Ligorio in 1574 seemigly hints at the date of completion of the works in the Apartment, although archival discoveries allow to define the circumstances of execution and a number of attribution issues. In the Chamber of Dawn, in fact, generally ascribed to the Filippi workshop, Settevecchi's intervention - rewarded between February and May 1574 - has been recognized along with that of Leonardo da Brescia (doc. 1556-1598), who receives payment for his painted ornamentations in february 1575. Ludovico Settevecchi (Modena 1520?-Ferrara 1590), therefore, figures as one of Bastianino's most assiduous collaborators, although he delivers a more monotonous version of the master's style.
It is not by chance, then, if the colouring of the ceiling of the Chamber of Dawn leads one to distinguish from the rest of the decoration assigned to Settevecchi Bastianino's hand in the panels depicting Time, Dawn and Night in force of the bright luminescence of the yellows and greens.

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