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Get to the castle

The center of Ferrara is served by 3 major parkings and several minor parkings, see map below.



City map inside the walls.Parkings in Ferrara

Click on the map and discover the printable version.

>> Addresses Car parks:

  1. ex MOF - v. Darsena 140
  2. Centro Storico - v. Darsena 66
  3. via dei Baluardi
  4. via Rampari di S.Rocco
  5. p.zza Sacrati
  6. p.zza S.Etienne
  7. via Cortevecchia
  8. Diamanti - v. Arianuova 25
  9. via San Guglielmo

>> Camper parking area ex MOF
>> Este Castle - Tourist Office of Ferrara
>> Tourist Bus parking areas and parking (look at the map)


For details visit the official site of parking and rates of Ferrara, with interactive maps, webcams, and parking availability in real time:

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