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Where's the entrance to the visitors' route?
Once you're in the courtyard, you'll see a long ramp along the south side that takes you to the start of the route.
Where's the ticket office?
Go up the access ramp into the first room and you'll find the Tourist Office of Ferrara and then the bookshop and the castle's ticket office. From there you can begin your visit.
How long does a visit to the castle take?
To visit the castle properly you need at least 1 hour, but if you stop to read the story of the castle and the house of Este on the bookstands in the rooms, your visit might take up to 3 hours.
At what times can you enter?
See the Castle web site under the tab "Opening hours and prices"
How much does a ticket cost?
There are various admission fees and it's best to check  on the Castle web site under the tab "Opening hours and prices" if you are entitled to a reduction or are exempt from paying.
Where are the toilets?
On the first floor, along the route, there are two public toilets: the first one is near the Patience Suite and the second one is beside the Coats of Arms Room. These public toilets are also accessible by the differently disabled.  In the Courtyard of Honor there is an other public toilet that is free for visitors with Castle's tickets (admission fee of € 0,50 for the others).
Are there any guided tours organised?
Ask at the ticket office for a guided tour, the fee for this service is set in accordance with the castle rules.
Is it possible to join a group on a guided tour or to form groups on the spot?
Guided tours are available to all, including individual visitors as well as those who form a group on the spot. The rule goes that a guided tour can start from minimum number of 15 people, or upon payment of a ticket with a corresponding value.
Can differently abled visit the castle?
The differently abled can visit the entire castle; unlike the other visitors who reach the first floor from the Torre dei Leoni, the north-east tower, they use San Paolo Tower, the south-west tower, which is equipped with lifts to reach the first floor. The ticket office will provide detailed information and along the route there are help points.
What should I do when I get to the cloakroom?
In the cloakroom, which is immediately after the ticket office, you can use some lockers to leave any large objects, bags, backpacks, umbrellas and anything that might cause a problem during your visit or to the other tourists (lock with coin of € 1,00)  Once you come out into the courtyard again, you can go back to the access area to pick up your belongings.
Is it possible to take photographs and film within the castle?
Tourists are allowed to take photographs and film with small handheld equipment in all rooms. The use of flashes or lamps in rooms with frescoes on the walls or ceilings is not permitted.
Are animals admitted?

Access is allowed for small dogs if transported in a special bag.

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