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Directions for the use of the Imbarcadero Rooms and the Courtyard of Honour of Castello Estense.

  • Applications to use the Imbarcadero Rooms and the Courtyard are to be made by filling in the forms that can be collected from the Castello Estense Ticket Office where floor plans indicating the height of the vaults and the access areas of the rooms are also available.
  • The fees and deposits payable for use of the Rooms vary according to the amount of space required and the length and type of the event and are fixed by the Amministrazione Provinciale di Ferrara (Ferrara Provincial Administration).
  • The hours in which the Rooms can be used (9.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m.) can be modified upon specific request: if so requested, a caretaker service will be provided, which will not, in any case, be extended beyond midnight.
  • It is the direct responsibility of the applicant to see that the event taking place complies with the regulations regarding general safety and hygiene and to prevent any damage to the structures, furniture and systems, which will be considered as damage to the monument itself.


    Ricevimento negli imbarcaderi

    Upon making the request, the applicant will be provided with a set of rules about how to use the Rooms properly.

    Information and booking:

    Biglietteria Castello Estense
    Tel. +39 0532 299338 - Fax +39 0532 299279 -

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